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How Abhuna Works



Property Managers

Abhuna is the top internet-based tool to list and search for rental properties. Abhuna users include renters, tenants, and landlords comprising of both owners and property managers. Renters can search through Abhuna's extensive property listings posted by real owners or property managers and can communicate with them via Abhuna's proprietary communication system.

Communicating is easy with Abhuna's chat system, which can be used to setup showings, negotiate pricing and terms, and maintain a line of direct communication with the landlord or property manager after the lease has been signed. Landlords can do the same with their tenants. There is no longer a need to find a property on one site and use another communication application such as email or text message to communicate with the other party. It can all be done on Abhuna!

Why Abhuna?

No other website offers the ability to open a direct line of communication between renter and landlord.